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How to Draw Fingers

Artist: Dawn / September 29, 2010
How to Draw Fingers

Step 1.

Before we begin with the steps, I'd like to introduce you to a few friends. These simple tips are something I'd like to express to all of you in becoming well aware of the importance of fingers. 1. A finger from the underside, clearly has 3 divides.    

Step 2.

The top side view of a finger clearly has 2 wrinkles that divide the upper section below the fingernail, and a region that lays below the first section.

Step 3.

Now, here's a tricky part that most artists fail to realize. When you're viewing a finger from the side view, you should be able to see a bit of a wrinkled texture from the divides of the fingers. The more the finger bends, the more prominent these p   

Step 4.

Next, let's get to busy and draw the very basic guidelines for the hand. This includes drawing the base for the palm, the lines for each finger, and another base for the thumb.

Step 5.

Start off with the basics for the hand. Draw the thumb and the first finger for the hand. This will direct your practices to drawing each finger (to get the feel of drawing different types of fingers correctly).

Step 6.

Then, draw the rest of the fingers. Keep in mind that each finger has bulges at each joint. There are typically 3 joints in each finger.

Step 7.

Lastly, add detailing to the parts of the fingers that you learned from the previous tip steps. Make sure fingernails are proportioned within each finger.

Step 8.

Huzzah! This is what your final drawing should resemble (if you're practicing fingers that is). I would advise to practice this formula with the basic tips in mind in order to draw fingers like a pro! Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial and good   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 29, 2010
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Description: So, I’ve been a huge disgrace to drawing the basic part of human anatomy. Don’t laugh, because I’m pretty sure most of you have gone (or are), having troubles drawing hands. I’ve been fond of drawing the subject, but always fail at different views without using any references. The hand drawn in the picture above took me around an hour to get to where it is now. Drawing hands from the front is way more difficult than it is from other views. It takes time and patience, studying the essentials on how the human hand is viewed in different styles. Tite Kubo is a perfect example of a style of drawing people’s bodies. The way he draws his character’s hands, differ between characters. For instance, there is a lot of detailing and texture to each hand pose. Each position is almost always unique. You could possibly use manga comics or regular American comic books for references of hands and bodies. Anyways, in this tutorial, you’ll be learning in a step by step fashion on “how to draw fingers, step by step”. Fingers are another story. Many artists draw fingers in an awkward fashion, that it can completely disrupt an image. For instance, you could have a wicked badarse drawing of a super hero, but have the hands all dysfunctional and morphed. Get the point? Well folks, this is almost a freakin’ story load of a description. I better move onto other lessons, because I know you will enjoy this one. Thanks for viewing and have with your future artistic endeavors!