How to Draw Fanny Pack from Uncle Grandpa

Artist: Dawn / August 16, 2013

Step 1.

Simply draw the shape of a box like so, then add the string line lines for the strap of this fanny pack.

Step 2.

Next, sketch out the actual shape of Fanny Pack's design, then draw in the thickest part of the straps.

Step 3.

Draw the large wide open mouth which will be the zipper for Fanny Pack, then add the zipper tab.

Step 4.

Draw in one part of the strap, then draw the buckle.

Step 5.

Lastly let's finish the rest of the form by drawing the other side of the strap, then draw the buckle tip.

Step 6.

The mouth is filled with a row of zipper teeth, and then add the tongue. Erase your mistakes and you are all done.

Step 7.

Here is the line art when finished. Now you can color in Fanny Pack.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 16, 2013
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Description: Just when you think you seen it all a character based on a satchel with no eyes and body. Up next we will learn "how to draw Fanny Pack from Uncle Grandpa", step by step. This is probably one of the most important characters from the series because he is always being worn around the waist of Grandpa. He is Grandpa's best friend and trusted fellow. Fanny Pack carries all of Grandpa's important papers and other items that he finds important. Drawing Fanny Pack will be easy enough for all to tackle so join in on the fun as you wait to see who is uploaded next. peace out folks and like always, enjoy.