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How to draw Ender (The Enderman)

Artist: HydraZerg / June 17, 2012
How to draw Ender (The Enderman)

Step 1.

First his head. Rectangle, but not too rectangle-ish!

Step 2.

Then his neck. (It's mostly covered with the cape that I gave him when he lost his vision temporarily.)

Step 3.

Now his cape!

Step 4.

Next is his shoulders and upper arms. Make 'em skinny! (Keep in mind that he IS an Enderman!)

Step 5.

Make his arms a bit longer.

Step 6.

Now his hands...or...paws, maybe.

Step 7.

And his upper legs.

Step 8.

Then his lower legs and hind paws. (I WILL CALL THEM PAWS AND NO-ONE CAN STOP ME!!!) And his three claws.

Step 9.


Step 10.

Now doodle out the rest of his cape.

Step 11.

Finally up to his head! Do the thingy that I did. I don't know what to call it.

Step 12.

Draw the rest of his eye so that he can see. OH MY NOTCH CYCLOPS.

Step 13.

Now his other eye so that he doesn't have to be a cyclops.

Step 14.

Now his mouth and pupils. (He probably needs them)

Step 15.

Regardless of being an Enderman, he has eyebrows. I learned that something doesn't look right without eyebrows the hard way. Plus, it gives him a personality.

Step 16.

Shade in his pupils please. They look better that way.

Step 17.

Remove the excess and you're done!(I actually did this prior to finishing) If you color him, (but I advise not to), his cape is brown-maroonish, his base color is light-ish black, and his eyes are light purple. (Black pupils)You have successfully der   

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Artist: HydraZerg
Date Added: June 17, 2012
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Description: Ender is my bro. Now you can draw him! He's relatively simple to draw. You have to turn your head sideways, though.