How to Draw Count Dracula, Bela Lugosi


Start off by with a basic sketch of the face and clothing. Draw a basic circle then add in the basic guidelines before roughly sketching in the main features. HB graphite is recommended for sketching.


Clean up the sketch. Erase unnecessary guidelines and define the main lines.


Add a base layer of shading to the drawing. Use HB graphite to lightly sketch in horizontal lines. Then lightly sketch in vertical lines. A blending stump or paper towel can then be used to blend in the shading. A few pinches of powdered graphite can   


Add basic highlights to the drawing. Erase the main highlights in the eyes, the hair, the clothing and around the figure.


Use a 4B pencil to add rough shading. Start with the eyes and facial features then roughly shade in the hair. Finally, add some rough shading to the clothing. Do not worry about making the shading smooth or clean just yet.


Use an HB pencil to smooth over and define the rough shading. The main goal here is to better define outlines and shadows. Start with the face and ears.


Smooth out the hair using HB and 4B pencils.


Use HB and 4B pencils to smooth out and define the clothing.


Add finishing touches to the drawing. Use a 4H pencil to smooth out light shading and add small details. A blending stump can also be used to make areas smoother. Go over the darkest shading once more with layers of 4B and HB graphite. Smooth out the   

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July 2, 2014

Description: How to draw Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula. Graphite used: 4H for light shading/details, HB for sketching and general shading, and 4B for dark shading. Paper: Bristol plate (extra smooth).

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