How to Draw Yugo From Wakfu

Artist: Dawn / December 26, 2014

Step 1.

Make the guide for the head shape, then draw in the torso line. Sketch in the facial guidelines too.

Step 2.

We will work on the hat which covers almost the whole top half of Yugo's head. The ears should be large and soft looking and there should be plenty of creases and folds.

Step 3.

You will now add the seam lines to each ear, then add the stitching as well as the seams to the base of each ear.

Step 4.

Before drawing the shape of Yugo's face, you will need to draw the short puffy hair on the sides of the face like you see here.

Step 5.

Up next, you will draw out the shape of Yugo's face. Then sketch in the lining for his eyes. Add the pupils, smiles and nose too.

Step 6.

As you can see we are almost done drawing Yugo. Draw the shoulders, long shapely arms and then his torso. Add a bit of a crinkle to the lower back.

Step 7.

Up next, draw in the lining to form the tee shirt and then draw a necklace around his neck followed by the emblems or pendants.

Step 8.

Finish this drawing off by adding the tail to the hood or hat that he wears. It should be long, wide and loose looking. Erase your mistakes and guides, then you're done.

Step 9.

When all is cleaned up and done, you have yourself a finished drawing that you see here. Color in Yugo from Wakfu and show friends who you can draw.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 26, 2014
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Description: For those of you who have heard of an animation animation series called 'Wakfu', this lesson goes out to you, and it goes out to the folks that requested a tutorial on the main character. Up next, we will tackle the task of learning "how to draw Yugo", step by step. Yugo is the main character from the series. He is an Eliatrope, which is a race that do not hold the same religious beliefs of those who are natives from the World of Twelve. As you can tell by his adorable face, Yugo is a kind, friendly spirited twelve year old. Drawing Yugo shouldn't be that hard at all. His oversized hat and simple design will make drawing this Wakfu character a blast. I still have more tuts coming your way so stay tuned in.