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How To Draw Chibi Springtrap

Artist: MLGBonnieDJ / May 29, 2016
How To Draw Chibi Springtrap

Step 1.

First you need to draw base

Step 2.

Do base again,but body

Step 3.

Now do a hands base

Step 4.

Now a legs base :3

Step 5.

Now lets start doing a drawing!

Step 6.

Eyes! :D

Step 7.

Mouth :3

Step 8.

Now do a broken ear

Step 9.

Now do a right ear,on top it's a little broken,and you need to add broken parts on eye

Step 10.

IDK What to put here

Step 11.

Now do his...

Step 12.

Da legz :3

Step 13.


Step 14.

Foot 2 -_-

Step 15.

Huh,Almost over! Now do hand 1

Step 16.

Hand 2 and fingers

Step 17.

Now eyeballs

Step 18.

That's it! :D

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MLGBonnieDJ · 5 years ago
Artist: MLGBonnieDJ
Date Added: May 29, 2016
Steps: 18
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Views: 0 in last hour, 0 in last day, 0 in last week, 4145 total
Comments: 0
Tags: fnaf springtrap chibi cute ms paint
Description: Hey! This is my first drawing.It's not pretty good because i draw in MS Paint >: