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How To Draw Cell

Artist: Dawn / June 9, 2008
How To Draw Cell

Step 1.

In this first step to drawing cell you will have to start by drawing out the guidelines and shapes until you have a frame of his body. Start by drawing out the shape of his egg shaped head followed by the facial guidelines sketched in. Now make to lo   

Step 2.

The second step is easy. First start by drawing in his long shaped skull bones and detail the face with lines that form a V on the front of his head. Now start drawing out his eyes and the line for his chin piece. After that you can draw the shape of   

Step 3.

All you do here is draw out the definition on the left shoulder and draw out the right arm shape. Next start the drawing and the shaping of the outer parts of his legs. Cell has odd shaped legs where the hips rise on the top side. Continue down the l   

Step 4.

This is the step where you are going to start drawing out Cells wings that actually shaped like a fly or even a boomerang. After you draw those out you can detail his chest and his face a bit more by giving him a set of eyes and muscle lines on his n   

Step 5.

All you will have to do in this step which is step 5, is draw and color in all the different dot markings on Cell's body. But before you do this you must erase all the visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. That includes the frame l   

Step 6.

And this is what your finished Cell should look like when you are completely done with your sketch. All that is left to do is color him in and add him to the DBZ collection. Well that is it for me with this tutorial on how to draw Cell from Dragon Ba   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 9, 2008
Steps: 6
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Description: Today at DragoArt.com we will learn to draw an excellent and insanely powerful villain Cell. In the Dragon Ball Z series, Cell was created the evil Dr. Gero. He was formed by collected cells from powerful Dragon Ball Z warriors in the universe. Cell is made up of Piccolo, Freiza, Vegeta, Goku and King Cold. Dr. Gero labeled him as the ‘Perfect Warrior.’ Cell first appeared as an insect like creature. He flourished from a large cocoon and became to looking like a tall humanoid insect with a long scorpion like tail. This tail is the main body part that sucks all the energy from his victims. It makes him stronger and larger. He needs a certain amount of energy to complete his final form. Dr. Gero created an objective for Cell as soon as he was awakened. This objective was to absorb androids 17 and 18 with his large suction tail. As soon as Cell was born, he absorbed the energy and life from normal citizens around the fictional world of Dragon Ball Z. Cell first moved onto absorbing android 18 and was transformed into the Semi-Perfect form. He would have completed his finally form if he absorbed the android 17 but was stopped by Tien. Tien kept Cell busy while androids 17 and 16 found a place to escape to. Eventually, Tien ran out of energy and stopped. He tortured Tien a little bit and then moved on to find the other android. While he came upon a mix of Islands, Cell wanted to blow the Androids out of their hiding places. Before he attempted to destroy the island android 17 and 16 were on, Vegeta managed to come along and try to defeat Cell by testing his new Super Saiyan abilities. Later on, Vegeta could have defeated him but was tempted to let him absorb android 17 so he can test his skills to a challenge. Cell did manage to absorb the android and then defeated Vegeta with ease. Before Vegeta was finished off, Trunks came along and transformed into a more powerful Super Saiyan that was stronger then his father. He soon failed and Cell challenged all of the warriors to a martial arts tournament called Tenkaichi Budokai. In the end Goku’s son Gohan achieves to becoming a Super Saiyan 2 and prevents Cell from self destructing himself and the whole planet. Sadly, Goku dies in at the near end of this Dragon Ball Z saga. Anyways, Cell regenerates himself entirely and teleports back to earth. Gohan finishes him off by using the Kamehameha technique. I drew out this awesome Dragon Ball Z character by using my Wacom Intuos3 tablet and the computer program Adobe Photoshop CS. It took me a total of three hours to draw. I made sure I had a nice pose for him and an excellent body proportion. I hope this tutorial comes of use for you! Have fun drawing the ancient Dragon Ball Z Cell!