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How to Draw Bob, Bobs Burgers

Artist: Dawn / January 1, 2011
How to Draw Bob, Bobs Burgers

Step 1.

Bob is going to be a very character to draw out because like the characters from The Family Guy, he too is nothing more than simple shapes. Start with a circle for the head and then draw in the guidelines for the face, neck, and body like so. You wil   

Step 2.

Now using the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one, start drawing out the actual shape of Bob's head, and body like so. As you can see there is a sleeve that needs to be drawn in as well. The characters from the show seem to all have long shape   

Step 3.

Now draw his hair style which is a typical style for a burger joint owner, and then draw the eyes, and mouth line. You will then make a neck collar, as well as the other sleeve. Draw the arms, and then draw the bun and lettuce for the burger.

Step 4.

Make two dots for the eye pupils, and then draw his mustache and some chest hair that is peeking through the top of his shirt collar. When that is done you can draw out the apron, and then draw the pocket and pen on the apron as well. Finish drawing    

Step 5.

Now, Bob is a very hairy man, which means you will have to start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one so you can sketch in his arm hair, and the seeds on the bun. Don't forget to draw in the details on the meat patty too. Once that    

Step 6.

When he is all cleaned up, you should have a drawing that comes out looking like the one you see here. Now you can color Bob in to finish off the drawing completely. I hope you liked learning how to draw Bob from Bob's Burgers.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 1, 2011
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Description: As you know I always like to stay on top of things by keeping my eyes out for new upcoming cartoons, anime series, and other animated shows. The reason why I like doing this is because I like to find the characters that are going to be in the shows, and then draw them, and lay them out as lessons. That is the case with this next tutorial. There is a new Fox series that is going to be released this year (2011) called Bob’s Burgers. The show follows a man and his family as they live their day to day lives as they try and run their hamburger business. Bob runs his hamburger joint with his wife and three kids. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw Bob Belcher", step by step. The funny thing about Bob is he has no interest in dealing with good customer service, or business management. He feels that his good tasting food is all he needs to get Bob’s Burgers on the right tract to fortune and fame. All his dreams are based on developing better burgers, side dishes, and the condiments that dress the tops. There is one thing that Bob needs to learn, get your burger shop in tip top shape or else. He is a fun looking character, and I really do look forward to watching the series. For now you too can enjoy this lesson on "how to draw Bob Belcher" even if you have no idea who he is. I will be back with some more family members from the series so stay tuned in to see what they look like and who they are. Ta ta for now people!