How To Draw Bill Dauterive From King Of The Hill

Artist: Dawn / May 30, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes for Bill's frame. Start by drawing out his big rounded head like so. Then sketch in or draw facial guidelines right in the middle. Now after that you are going to need to draw the u   

Step 2.

In this next step you will be drawing out the shape of Bills body which is only drawing the inner part of his legs. Now starting from the upper part of his body draw his muscle shirt as shown and also draw in some lines that will detail his stomach.    

Step 3.

Now here you will draw out the only hair he has on his head and that is on the sides. Next sketch in his frown lines that go around his mouth along with his double chin lines. Now you can draw his nose and eyebrows. Continue your sketching on the bel   

Step 4.

For this step all you need to draw out here is his small beady eyes, his beer can and detail his watch a bit more. After that you can erase all the guidelines and circle shapes that you drew in step 1.

Step 5.

After you cleaned up your sketch by erasing all the guidelines you should end up with a drawing like the one above. All that is left to do is color him in and place him along side his other friends. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Bi   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 30, 2008
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Description: In this third tutorial on four of the King of the Hill characters you will be learning how to draw Bill Dauterive the slightly over weight fella that constantly whines about almost everything. Believe it or not this poor looking Texan with no life comes from a well to do and very wealthy family. Not just any family, a Cajun family. He is originally from Louisiana but moved to Texas when he was a teen. Once he moved to Texas he got married to a woman named Lenore, but that didn’t last to long because for some reason his wife just up and left him one day without telling him where she was going or where she is. So for the most part you could say that Bill is an unhappily divorced man that holds high hopes that one day his wife will call and let him know exactly what happened and where she is. One of my favorite episodes is when he tells everyone that he loves cutting hair and he holds no shame about it. He has been cutting hair since he was in the armed forces. In the particular episode I was referring to, he was working in a salon and he had to build his own clientele by being more modern and hip so that customers would see him as approachable. Even though poor Bill has his unattractive behavior and drawbacks, he still can be at times somewhat as an inspirational man. He really does care for the people around him especially Hank, Dale, and Boomhauer. Of course he has other friends like Peggy and at times Sue Ellen. But most of the time he has a quote that he goes by on every show; "I like beer. Don't you like beer? I mean, I love beer." In this fun tutorial you will learn how to draw Bill Dauterive from King of the Hill step by step. Like always the instructions are an easy read and you will be able to understand everything leading you to completion of this tutorial on Bill Dauterive. Happy hour is near.