How To Draw Bangs with a Ponytail


First of all, you need a head to draw hair on! Start with a basic anime head: a circle, with a chin and neck lines. And don't forget to draw in the guidelines (as shown in red) so you can average where the center is.


Now that you have the head, draw a small ear on the right side using the guidelines for the eyes. In the upper right corner, draw an oval. This is where the ponytail will be drawn later. Depending on how long you want the bangs to be, make a few quic   


Now complete the bangs by connecting the two sides on the bottom with a couple triangular strokes of hair. Across the top, where the middle red guideline meets the head, make a little indent to show where the part is and then connect the hair on the    


You can erase the guidelines now that you are done with them. But, before you do, using the circle as a guide, make a rounded rectangle against the right side of the head to show the hair tie. Out of the rectangle, on the top, make a single curved st   


Finish making the ponytail by drawing single strands connected to each other just like the ones you used for the bangs. Make sure the ponytail falls behind the ear. The length of the ponytail can be as long or as short as you would like. Have fun wit   


Now it's time to add the detail! In the ponytail itself, make a few random lines to show the texture of the hair and make it look more realistic. Across the crown of the head and the top of the ponytail by the hair tie, make zig-zag lines that curve    


And when you're done, it's all about color preference. You can color the hair and the hair tie any color you like, but there is a rule for the shadow/light areas. Whatever color you color the hair in, the shadow areas must be one or two shades lighte   

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June 26, 2009

Description: Today I'll be showing you all how to draw one of the more basic anime hairstyles: the bangs with a single ponytail. In almost every given anime show out there, at least one character has his or her hair up in a ponytail. It's a basic and very common hairstyle among anime characters as well as humans themselves. This is my third tutorial, so I hope you enjoy it!

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