How to Draw Armor


First, I'd like to evaluate why armor was made and for what parts. Take a look at the bare human body. Notice if someone went into a war that included swords, you'd need protection so you wouldn't get injured. Here I list a few key points for reasons   


Woo! Look at all the pretty armor on your fighter. She'll definitely be unstoppable now but all that weight will absorb her agility. Plate armor was a very strong and popular armor used back in the medieval ages. It was upgraded from Mail. Let's take   


These little dots are actually bolts that keep the armor screwed together. Add bolts at ever edge where there's attachments.


Let's take a look at a different style of shoulder plates. The girl at the left is a mage warrior, who uses magic as her main attack/defense. The shoulder plates she bares on her shoulders are stylized with cool attributes that help her magic powers    


When you want to draw shoulder plates that have no other armor beneath, you'll be needing attachments that hold the two pieces in place. 1. The thick chains hold both the pieces so they keep sturdy. Having them secured on either side of the plates on   


Alright, onto the drawing part of learning "how to draw armor". Draw the basic structure of your warrior's figure. It's VERY important to draw the figure of your character first so you'll have a nice idea on where to place the armor. NEVER add random   


Let's go ahead and add the helmet and breastplate. Drawing from the head and below is best to start. Evaluate the design of your warrior's helmet, but remember; they need cutouts for vision and breathing. Nothing comfortable is fight-able!


Go ahead and take your time drawing the gauntlets, shoulder plates, and 'Fauld of Four Lames'. Take your time and use a ruler if necessary.


Next, add the leg guards and extra details to spruce up the design around the upper body armor.


Lastly, use your imagination and add some spiffy designs. Don't forget to add those bolts that melt the armor together.


Ah, your finished drawing! Take your time and erase all the un-needed guidelines and you should be set for inking! I would recommend using Micron inking pens for the best ink quality. Use line weight principles! Add thicker lines to areas with activi   

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October 27, 2010

Description: Welcome to another super helpful tutorial! Today in this lesson, I'll be showing you "how to draw armor", step by step. I'm pretty sure; most folks who viewed this are very interested in the popular MMORPG "World of Warcraft" and other fantasy related games. I myself am a huge gaming nerd that has a vast interest in creating art. Fantasy is something that flutters constantly on my mind. I’d very much love to create loads of fantasy pieces in the future or during my free time. This tutorial was absolute fun to create; it was difficult to convey important information on “drawing armor”. It includes very helpful concepts that show you why it’s drawn there. To create unique stylized art, you’ll need sources that will build your creativity. Explore the vast cultures of the ancient world, play video games related to fantasy/sci-fi, observe other art by your favorite artists, and expand that imagination! To become a great artist, it takes knowledge, skill and most importantly, creativity. Sometimes it can take someone years to get better, gradually. The tutorial I present to you will give you a glimpse of “how to draw medieval armor”, to add onto your characters in the future. By giving your warrior an advance in defense, you’ll have a pretty spectacular fighter! Think of ways to symbolize your warrior’s origin/culture and add it into the armor you’ll draw. It only results to practice and great observational skills. Anyways folks, I have to flee now and submit more lessons. I hope this one will give you a helpful guide on “how to draw armor”, step by step. Good luck and have fun with the lesson! Don’t forget to leave behind feedback on how you did!

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