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How to Draw Anastasia

Artist: Dawn / November 19, 2009
How to Draw Anastasia

Step 1.

Let's get busy shall we? Start with a circle for Anastasia's head and then add the shape of her high ponytail. You will then draw the guidelines for her neck, shape of her chest, and then the outlined shape of her one piece skirt or clothing. Lastly,   

Step 2.

Okay, now here you will start sketching out the shape and style of Anastasia's hair and then be sure to detail and define the tips and or ends. Sketch out the shape of her pretty face and then add the beginning line for her neck shape.

Step 3.

Before you move onto drawing her body, you will first need to sketch in her facial features. Start by sketching out the shape of her eyes, as well as her pupils, eyebrows, and lashes. Next draw her nose and mouth. Once that is done you can begin sket   

Step 4.

Here y ou will just sketch out the shape of her long baggy skirt as you see here and then add the crease lines to add some definition and detail. Once that is done you can move to the last drawing step.

Step 5.

Now since this is your last drawing step you will only have to draw out the visible part of her legs and then her run down boots and or feet. After that you are ready to start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6.

You are done learning "how to draw Anastasia step by step". Did you have fun or what? Just color her in and that's it! Great job everyone, join me again for more drawing fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 19, 2009
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Description: Today is a new day and with this new day I will be submitting a tutorial on one of my favorite characters from a childhood movie. She is kind, loving, sweet, and a bit of a rebel. I will show you "how to draw Anastasia step by step". Anastasia is the main character of the movie "Anastasia". She is a royal princess that went missing after castle was stormed by the 1916 revolution and cursed by Rasputin, a sorcerer that used to be the advisor to the Tsar. Anastasia is the last daughter of Russian Czar Nicholas II and during the time that the family as cursed, it was the same day that the castle was overrun by the revolution. The young Grand Duchess made a get away with her grandmother, Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna. But when her grandmother hopped a train to get away, Anastasia fell before she could grab the bars to board the moving train. When she fell that snowy night, she was knocked out from the blow to her head when she fell. The movie picks up after that day into the future where Anastasia is now a teen, and absolutely unaware of her true identity. She grew up in an orphanage, and because she has grown too old, it is time for her to leave and live her own life. Along her travels she decides that there is something more to her life than the one she has been living for the past ten years. Along her journey she comes a cross a small pup named "Puka". In the mean time, two Russian men are holding auditions in the old Romanov castle to find a woman that can pull off the fake identity of the Grand Duchess Anastasia that went missing so long ago. Her grandmother advertised that if anybody can bring forth her granddaughter, they will receive a handsome reward. Dimitri and Vladimir eventually run into Anastasia who is now going by the name of "Anya" (because she has no idea what her real name was or is). They convince Anya that she can pass off the identity of Anastasia, and joins the two men to get a free ticket to Paris where she believes is the key to her past because of the inscription of the gold necklace and charm that she has from her childhood. I think you will like this lesson that shows you "how to draw Anastasia" step by step". All you have to do is follow the instructions, and you will have your very own drawing. I shall return in a bit so stick around for more guys, Peace!