How To Draw An Ice Elemental From Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Step By Step

Artist: Oblivion / March 22, 2012

Step 1.

Time to start my last Elemental tut. Start with an outline from my first two Elemental tuts, except draw a ring around the outline for the right arm.

Step 2.

Time to form the head. Draw a big, black geash in his eye to form a pupil. Draw a rugged, mishappen head. Look carefully at the picture for help. Draw a small horn on the top of his head. Begin drawing armor plating behind the head. The plating is ve   

Step 3.

Draw his shoulderblade using a stretched plate. Add his mysterious symbol on the plate. Look carefully at the picture for help. Start drawing some armor on his back. Connect them to his back and shoulder using more plates.

Step 4.

If you saw my other Elemental tuts, you know how to draw most of the sword already. Otherwise, just draw a curve. End it in a piece of armor just like to armor on an Ice Elemental. Draw an arrow on the end of it. I really don't know what this is supp   

Step 5.

Now it's time to give the Elemental probably its coolest quality: The explosion of fire on its back. It really explains itself. Draw an explosion on his back.

Step 6.

Time to draw a body. If you saw my other Elemental tuts, you already know how. Like an Earth Elemental, draw a giant cannon using the ring from step one.

Step 7.

For those of you who want to spice up their drawing, draw lot's of cracks and craters all over his body. If you want to keep it plain and simple, skip this step.

Step 8.

The final step. Erase te lines from step one. You are now done!

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Artist: Oblivion
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Description: This is my last Elemental tut. :'( The dreaded Fire Elemental is the deadliest Elemental ever. Enjoy!