How to Draw an Eldar Wraithguard from Warhammer

Artist: darkangel666 / July 23, 2009

Step 1.

star with drawing the basic shape of the wraithguard. If using pencil (which i advise) do the lines lightly as most of them will be rubbed out

Step 2.

now work on the head, arms and legs. The circles on the head are gems. Draw them by starting lightly at the bottoms, and keep getting darker towards the top. Then do a small dot of white to look like a reflection

Step 3.

Now start with the collar then shoulder pads then the gun and then the cloth. Then do the rest

Step 4.

Now do the hands and smoke and other details. Make sure the hands are skeleton looking. Also, try and make the pipe look 3-d

Step 5.

All thats left now is to draw a sun in the background, draw the ground and shade the cloth

Step 6.

Now just r out the unwanted lines and do some shading and thats "how to Draw a Wraithguard" step by step.

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Artist: darkangel666
Date Added: July 23, 2009
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Description: Hi, this is my second eva tut, so i hope u like it. It was done on paint. A wraithlord is a robot type thing from the world of warhammer 40K. I hope u like it