How to Draw an Anime Girl


To begin with, draw a large circle for the basic format of the head. After that, draw one medium circle on the right and one circle that's about half the size of the first.


Then, start to draw and fill in the eyelashes of the girl. Also, add her nose and remember, the nose isn't super big. It's about a small portion of her face. After that, you need to erase a good portion of the bottom of her circle where the chin will   


This step is super easy. Just draw the chin.


In this step, begin drawing the eyelid and eyebrow lines. After this, erase all the scrap lines that have no purpose.


This step is just to erase the top part of the circle and drawing the mouth, along with the line for the bottom lip.


Begin drawing the top part of the hair and bangs.


During this last step, you will continue the hair and add the detail to the hair. You will also begin to draw the eye shines and pupils. Then, add more of the optional details.


Now, you've completely finished this tut! If you want to, color it. If not, you've finished! Hope you loved the tut!

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April 5, 2012

Description: My first ever tutorial! And to start it off, we will learn how to draw a quarter view of a pretty anime girl! Quarter views are pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

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