How to draw Alive Aradia Megido, Homestuck

Artist: minimarra_forever / May 8, 2012

Step 1.

Ok. Start off by drawing an oval for her head, with a rectangle attached, like so, for her body.

Step 2.

Now, add two triangles at the bottom for the bases of her shoes. Draw out the basic shape for her hair, then add two circles as the bases for her horns.

Step 3.

Now add the two ovals for her eyes and an upside down triangle for her mouth.

Step 4.

Draw her outfit, then draw the details of her hair.

Step 5.

Add her hair line above her face. Finish the details of her horns. Define the final shape for her shoes. Add her pupils and her eyelashes.

Step 6.

Add the details of her clothes, her Ares sign and the line between her shirt and skirt, and her shoes, the laces.

Step 7.

Erase all the unnecessary lines and you're finished! If you feel like it, the next step is showing you how to color her.

Step 8.

If you feel like it, this step is showing you how to color her. Her lips, eyelashes, and sign on her shirt are all maroon/dark red. Her hair, shirt, and shoes are black. Her skirt is a dark grey, while her skin is a light grey. Her horns are tri-colo   

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Artist: minimarra_forever
Date Added: May 8, 2012
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Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw an Alive Aradia Medigo, a troll from MS Paint Adventure's very own, Homestuck. She has dark red/maroon colored blood, making her the lowest bloodcaste in the hemospectrum. Her trollianhandle is apocalypseArisen {AA} and her typing quirk is replacing all the "o"s in a sentence with"0"s. She uses no punctuation except 0_0. *This is my first tutorial. I'm sorry it's bad, I'm not that good at drawing on the computer. Comments are helpful to me ^~^ Thanks for your time*