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How to Draw a Water Drop ( EASY )

Artist: monsterhigh12avatar / July 22, 2012
How to Draw a Water Drop ( EASY )

Step 1.

First draw a slash line start left .

Step 2.

Nrxt , repeat the first step . Click on the selecter and click transparent select . Then click flip . Place the diagonal line so that it makes a point .

Step 3.

Nect make a thin cricle on the bottem , so that it touches the two lines .

Step 4.

Next , erase the top of the circle that is inside the lines until you are satisfied with how it looks .

Step 5.

Now , make a tiny wensy little rectangle inside of the top of the drop . Make sure it is not too close the to top .

Step 6.

Color it in with the colo of the drop that you want it to be . I suggest using a really light baby blue . Now you are finished . Enjoy !!!

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Artist: monsterhigh12avatar
Date Added: July 22, 2012
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Description: This tutorial is how to draw a water drop really easy . Enjoy !