How to Draw a Tractor

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Okay this is a very simple first step. All you have to do is draw out the guidelines and shapes that will make up the body frame for the tractor. Start by drawing the boxed lines as you see here. What your goal is, is to create a shape that resembles   


Now in this step you will start shaping out the frame and body of the tractor using the guidelines that you drew in step one. Always start at the top and work your way down This is a simple step because what you are doing is drawing out a box for the   


In this third step you will be detailing the the tires by drawing in more tire threads. You then will need to draw in the rims that the tires rest on. On the front of the tractor begin sketching out the grill and guard bar. You will also need to defi   


This is the last step and all you have to do is add detailing details to define the tractors body and look. Start by detailing the rims and then the side of the fender. Draw one more mirror on the right and then some simple lining in the front and ab   


When you are done your tractor should come out looking like the one you see here. All you have top do is color it in and make it your own. That will do it for this last tutorial on how to draw a John Deere tractor step by step. I will be back tomorro   

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September 10, 2008

Description: Hello once again boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. This is going to be another fun tutorial that I thought the kiddies would love. School is back in gear and a lot more kids are in school and spending more time at the library. Sometimes kids will use the computers at the library to view their favorite animals, machines, actors, movies and other things that kids enjoy doing like learning how to draw. So, this tutorial is dedicated to all those kids and semi adults that would love to learn how to draw a tractor. Tractors come in many different sizes and shapes. They also come with different powered engines to pull different types of things. Tractors are also known to be very slow; there are times when they have to travel on city streets and freeways. When this occurs most drivers become stressed because they are the unfortunate ones that get stuck behind a slow moving piece of machinery. These vehicles are used to deliver high tractive effort and they are now days powered by gasoline or diesel motors, having large heavily treaded tires, and used in mowing, farming, or other applications. I say they are powered “now days” because they were once pulled by either horse, or they had steam engines (during the 1800’s). The body structure to these work based vehicles has a cab with little or no body that the driver sits in to operate the unit. We as people recognize these heavy duty machines on farms as well as on the city streets when they are being used for construction purposes. It wasn’t until the year 1892 that the first gas powered tractor was built by a gentleman named John Froelich. Unfortunately though, his creation didn’t do well with sales. Instead it was a company named Twin City Traction Engine that developed a new design for an improved version of the gas powered tractor that John Froelich created. In the year of 1911, tractor sales became a very lucrative business for the corporation and soon almost every farmer owned a gas powered tractor. Today the top brand name for farming equipment is John Deere. The company’s products are recognized by men, woman, and children. They even sell battery powered John Deere tractors by Power Wheels from Fisher-Price so toddlers don’t feel left out when their daddy is out in the field plowing crops. This tutorial will show you how to draw a John Deere tractor step by step. I used a photo from a farming magazine for a visual reference since I don’t have one of these tractors readily available to me in my backyard. I hope you have fun with this tutorial and tomorrow I will be back with more cool stuff for you guys to learn from. Peace out people.

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