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How to draw a sun tattoo design

Artist: AnArmA / June 27, 2009
How to draw a sun tattoo design

Step 1.

for the starting, draw a small circle, which we be turning as d face of d sun. Also drw two more circles, d 2nd circle covering d 1st, n d 3rd one covering d 2nd circle. also divide d 1st circle vertically into two equal parts.

Step 2.

now in dis step, we're goin to draw out d face.from abt 1/4 of d vertical line, draw d eyebrows. after dat, draw d eyes n eyeballs. den, a li'l below half of d line, draw d nose. n line for d upper lips.

Step 3.

we'll b done here wid d face. just draw a 'V' shape below d nose, draw two arcs from dat on opposite sides, n make it as drawn. at d end draw d chin n cheek exposures.

Step 4.

In dis step, we'll draw d hot flames coming out on d four directional sides of d sun.

Step 5.

followed, we draw d small flames in between d previously drawn flames. hey, we're moving 2ward d ending.

Step 6.

now, we'll draw li'l boxes encircling the face. small detail on eyebrows too. Add glares to eyeballs. n shade d rest of d eye.

Step 7.

Erase all d unwanted lines n here u have a nice tattoo right up on ur sleeve.

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Artist: AnArmA
Date Added: June 27, 2009
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Description: salutations frnds. nice to hear dat u liked my last tattoo design of joker. here 2day, i came up wid another tattoo design, dat of a sun wid hot flames coming out of it. for ur li'l information, d Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. The mean distance of the Sun from the Earth is approximately 149,598,000 kilometres. n for d very last piece of extraordinary information dat ya all didn't know - sun rises in d east n sets in d west. i bet ya didn't knw dat . . Ha Ha.. njoy dis tut pal>