How to Draw a Sugar Skull Design

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Draw a circle for the skull shape and then add the facial guidelines.


Now using the facial guidelines you drew in step one you will start drawing the hearts for the sugar skulls eyes. Draw the shape of the nose which is shaped like a spade and then draw the top lines for the sugar skull's teeth.


You will now start drawing out the shape of the skull and then outline the very same hearts that you drew in step two. Cap off the teeth and then move to the next step.


Now this is where the fun starts. You will start drawing out your very own designs like you see here or you can use the sugar skull design you see here.


This step should take you a while to finish because you have to fill in the sugar skull with some really nice designing like you see here. Remember you can add any kind of shapes that you like when drawing your sugar skull.


Color in the hearts for eyes and then the nose. You will also add some definition above the teeth and then add more fine design lines. If you can or if they are visible you can start erasing the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Once you are done your drawing should come out looking like this. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on "how to draw a sugar skull design step by step".

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May 16, 2009

Description: This is going to be another awesome tutorial because it is going to be on another awesome tattoo design. I am going to show you “how to draw a sugar skull design step by step”. A sugar skull is made when celebrating the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead” or as they say in Spanish “Día de los Muertos”. It started when Spanish Conquistadors landed on a piece of North America which is known as Mexico today, they came across some natives performing some kind of ritual that seemed to be ridiculing death. So after that Mexicans have been practicing this very same ritual that includes skulls made from sugar and decorated as well. When you learn how to draw a sugar skull you can actually draw out your very own designs on the skull like you were decorating Easter eggs. It is something that is fun and I know you will enjoy learning how to draw a sugar skull design step by step. This is also a very popular tattoo design that many Latin's and Latino Americans ink on their bodies. Well, let me shut up and get back to work. I still have two more lessons to submit so stay tuned.

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