How to draw a snarling caracal


In this step you are just going to draw the head shape and face guidelines. Make sure you draw them very lightly.


Now lightly add the detail of the face and ears. Make sure to add all the line on the face that I added. They are used for coloring on the last step.


Now all u have to do is add the fur on the ears and the whiskers.


Now pushing down how you normally would (except for the coloring of the fur) complete the caracal. Just copy the image above. If you want you can use a black marker (I have found that Sharpies work best) to darken the outlines or the inside of the mo   

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June 15, 2017

Description: In case you don't know what a caracal is, its a wild cat that lives in the great plains or safari. It can jump really high and usually has big ears. (This one doesn't.)

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