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How to Draw a Simple Wizard

Artist: drawgirl08 / November 19, 2008
How to Draw a Simple Wizard

Step 1.

Draw a limp hat. A few wrinkles here and there.

Step 2.

Draw a head, big nose, eye, and gown, arm and wand.

Step 3.

Add a beard, feet, and mouth.

Step 4.

Add some color, of your choosing. (:

Step 5.

And lastly add some words. And .... SHAZAM! You have a simple wizard. Enjoy! (:

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Artist: drawgirl08
Date Added: November 19, 2008
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Tags: how to draw wizards, draw wizards, how to draw mage
Description: All you have twp do is draw it in these steps and if you want add a little extra by adding stars or something on the wizard.