How to draw a simple anime girl

Artist: Yourfavourite / March 4, 2013

Step 1.

We'll start by drawing a basic pose of the female body. In this pose, the girl has her right arm across her waist hand and on her hip, while the other arm is covering the hand and hanging slightly in front of her. She is also leaning towards the righ   

Step 2.

Next we'll draw in her outfit. I decided to give her a more simple outfit so if you find it too boring, don't be afraid to be creative! =D

Step 3.

Now lets draw in the face! There are a few things to keep in mind when drawing the face. Like for one, the eyes should have a space between them that is about the size of another eye (so you can pretend there is a third eye if you like). Also, since    

Step 4.

Now lets add the hair! I admit, i did this hair messily, so if you don't want to sort it all out, change it to your liking! I decided to put her hair in a large pony-tail. This hair gives the impression that the wind is blowing it, otherwise you woul   

Step 5.

Now we'll outline what we want to keep and erase all the not needed lines.

Step 6.

And your done! =D

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Artist: Yourfavourite
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Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw a more simple anime girl that doesn't have too detailed clothing and such. She has a more tom-boyish look as well. (and i decided not to colour her skin so... yea xD)