How to Draw a Shoujo Head

Artist: animegal552 / November 20, 2010

Step 1.

Identify the type of character your drawing is going for. In this one, I was striving for a more calm character, even though it could vary. After you have identified it, how will the head shape be? If you're going for a more gentle person, the eyes w   

Step 2.

For step 2, draw a basic egg shape for the head (before you draw the guidelines), and get it to the shape you want. The features will be added in later as we are only focusing on the general shape of the head right now. The line going straight throug   

Step 3.

(By accident I deleted my earlier step TT-TT) Let's try to bring step what used to be 3 and 4 together! After making the guidelines.. (That big circle in the middle shows the distance between the eyes, the 4 dark lines you see there shows how wide th   

Step 4.

K! Thankfully the last picture was still saved.. Continuing! Where the guidelines for the eyes used to be, I have each eye meeting the points (almost at least). To draw the eyes, first draw the upper eyelid, than the eye itself (I prefer my eyes BIG)   

Step 5.

Darken the eyelashes, draw where the eye shines will be. This is the last step (other than erasing the guidelines of course). I'm not going to draw the hair, but I am including the neck. The neck curves down from the base of the head (CAREFUL, don't    

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Artist: animegal552
Date Added: November 20, 2010
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Description: This is my very first tutorial to submit.~ Included, I will show my technique for drawing the manga head, in the front view for the Shoujo girl. I prefer to draw in the traditional Japanese manga, instead of using "angular" eyes such as shown in: Pokemon, (I'm sorry but true, at least for one character) Inuyasha, and a few others. For all of my drawings and tuts, I use only (pencil and paper) when drawing, as I don't have a Tablet yet,and only have the Paint Tool. Please enjoy!~