How to Draw a Seaweed Mermaid


Start with the basic outline of the head and torso. Pencil lightly, as you need to add things on later. The shape of the rock is variable, but also pencil in lightly. Make sure to leave a gap for the tail.


Next draw the tail. You can draw it fairly heavily as nothing crosses over it. Then draw in the hair. Do it lightly at first so you can get the waves proportioned. You do not have to do it the exact same as the hair shown. The hair is 'artistically'    


Now the design gets more specific. Lightly pencil in the guides for the face. Draw the three gills on each side of the neck and draw the various concaves around the neck and shoulders. Suggest the chest behind the hair and draw the seabrack belt. Las   


Now draw various clumps of seaweed on the rock. Roughly draw in the lines on the fin, do not draw them precisely. Then draw the tattoos on the arm and torso. The middle strand of the torso tattoo reaches down to the belly button. If you wish you can    


Next draw the bottom of the rock and a few lines throughout it to give it dimension. Very carefully, draw the face; closed eyes, nose and a wide mouth. Draw another tattoo on her forehead, with the middle line this time reaching down her nose. The fa   


Now start on the scales. The best technique for this is to quickly draw sort of zig-zag lines in alternating diagonals (each line facing an alternating way). Do this the whole way along but also put a few scattered shellfish near the end of the tail.   


The finished design should look something like this. You can add ripples around the rock, or a sunset, or a moon and stars. Use your imagination to vary the design.

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June 4, 2008

Description: This is a seaweed clan mermaid. Characteristics of the seaweed clan include; tatoos on the forehead, arm and abdomen, wild tangled hair, and a seabrack belt. They are the most common mermaid, often spotted near land or on offshore rocks. They are the most peacful clan, helping the many other clans of the sea. They are mutes and use their entire body for a sign language. They often let shellfish attatch onto their tails.

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