How to Draw a Rock On Hand

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As you can see you will start this tutorial lesson by drawing one circle for the workable frame of the hand. Next add the finger guidelines and then teh sides of the wrist. Once you are done with doing all that you can proceed to the next step.


In this second drawing step you will start adding shape to the two fingers which are the pinky and the index finger. You will then add shape to the sides of the hand and then add the ring lines for the spiked bracelet that this wrist is wearing. See,   


You have reached your third step and as you can see it is even easier than the last two. You will finish drawing the shape of the fingers and then draw the two other fingers in the middle which are bent inward. You will add three circles on the brace   


Welcome to the last drawing step and as you can see there is very little to do. Start by finishing off the hand design with definition and crease lines on the fingers and on the palm of the hand. You will then add a finger nail and flames at the bott   


Once you’re done you should have a drawing that looks like the one you see here. All you need to do now is color it in and you have just learned how to draw a Rock On Hand step by step.

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March 8, 2009

Description: I love music, and because I love music I love going to rock concerts once in a while when a band that I like is coming to town. It is not often that I will get to see a real loud band and as a matter of fact, I still have yet to experience the pleasure of rockin music being played in a civic center or music hall. Now in light of the whole music genre I will be doing a tutorial on how to draw a rock on hand step by step. Most of you (if not all) will recognize this hand symbol because it is used when you are pumped up at a concert listening to your favorite rock band. People scream and shout as they raise their hands up high cheering on the rock band they came to see. This tutorial is a very simple one to follow and understand and I know that all artist of any skill level will be able to draw this hand symbol. I will leave you now so that you can tackle this lesson on how to draw a rock on hand step by step. Once you are finished you can even draw the letters of your favorite bands logo to represent the love you have for your music. I will be back in a while with one more free online drawing lesson for all you hungry artist out there that are waiting to learn how to draw on the best artists tutorial site on the web today, adios amigos.

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