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How To Draw a Realistic Eye

Artist: MitsumiAngel / November 1, 2012
How To Draw a Realistic Eye

Step 1.

draw the eyelids.

Step 2.

draw the wrinkles above the eye.

Step 3.

draw the colored part of the eye, the pupil, and the wrinkle below the eye.

Step 4.

draw the shine and eyelashes.

Step 5.

color lightly around the right side of the pupil and dark the rest of the way but carefully around the shine

Step 6.

color in the eyelashes

Step 7.

final step! now we draw her eyebrow! hope you enjoyed it! :)

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Artist: MitsumiAngel
Date Added: November 1, 2012
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Description: i was just drawing my friend Cierra and decided to do a tut on how to draw her eye. (weird i know) but enjoy!