How to Draw a Puppy

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Lets start this step by drawing the guidelines for the Webkinz black lab puppy. First draw a big circle shape for the head, and then another small circle shape for the nose. Now An easy way to draw the frame of the Webkinz is to draw a square shape w   


In this step what you want to do is sketch in the jowls of the Webkinz black lab puppy. Starting from underneath the nose, go down, around, arch up a little, then down again, and round off the last lip to connect it back to the nose. Right between th   


This step here is going to be real simple, all you need to do is draw out the ears on the Webkinz black lab puppy. To do this just simply sketch out two banana shaped ears. After you have accomplished that step draw in the lining on the feet to repre   


What you will be doing in this step is drawing out the back paws of the Webkinz black lab puppy. When you draw this step all you have to do is start the paw like you where drawing the top of a flower, but you will only be drawing three pedal shapes f   


This is what your final Webkinz black lab puppy drawing should look like when you are fully complete. See that was easy right?

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February 14, 2008

Description: Hello people, it’s time for yet another Webkinz tutorial, and this time it is going to be on how to draw a black lab puppy. What I like about this Webkinz is the fact that it’s a black lab. These dogs are so loyal and smart, which make them great family pets. When they are puppies, that are where the fun comes into play. Like a real puppy, you can cuddle your black lab by holding it, snuggling with it, loving and caring for him too. The Webkinz animal collection has a variety of cool and cuddly stuffed animals that adults and children love. I mean why do you think I’m drawing these guys out? It’s because I love them, in fact I’m going to submit tutorials on the Webkinz that I currently own. Learning how to draw a black lab puppy from the Ganz collection is very easy to sketch. You will find that the instructions are easy to read and understand. So what are you waiting for, get out your favorite pencil and a clean sheet of paper and start drawing your very own black lab puppy.

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