How to Draw a Prince

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Okay people of royalty, are you ready to have some super duper fun. To get this prince drawn right, start with a circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the torso for his body, and to that you will attach the limb l   


You will now start sketching out his full hair style which should be neat and combed back. Sketch out the face structure, and then draw the opening for his jacket, and the stiff form of his collar.


Add some detailing to his collar, and then draw out the shoulders, which should be broad, and then his arms or jacket sleeves. Some minor detailing is the last thing that should be done.


Drawing a prince's face should be quite easy. Start with the friendly eyes, and then draw the nose, and mouth. Add detailing inside of the ear, and then finish sketching out the entire form of his jacket. For details, add the pockets, buttons, and cu   


You are almost done with this tutorial, which means you can draw a prince fairly simple. Add a button on the cuff, and then sketch out the right hand. Lastly, start the process for his pants and or legs.


Lastly, finish sketching out his pants, and then draw his shoes and or feet. Erase all the unwanted guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing and prepare this prince for color.


You are now ready to color the prince, and this is a fun part of the tutorial as well. My prince has a red colored suit, but you can choose color in the clothes any shade you like. That does it for this lesson on "how to draw a prince".

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March 16, 2010

Description: Royalty comes in many shapes and forms. There is three ranks of nobility that these families go by and they are; King, Queen, Princess, and Prince. Out of those four, I have three tutorials. This lesson is going to show you a real easy way to learn “how to draw a prince”, step by step. Two of the worlds more famous prince's are the two sons to the late Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Henry. To me Prince William looks like his mother, and Prince Henry looks like his father. The two boys have been in and out of headlines, and being the two princes of of Wales, makes good cause for all the publicity. Of course the prince I drew doesn't look anything like Diana's boys, instead he looks more like a prince from an animated cartoon. I like drawing figures to look anime-ish or cartoony only because they are easier to draw that way. Back in the early years, Kings would only marry females just to produce an air to secure the throne when the king passes. Of course it is not common that a female air could secure a country, but this all changed when Queen Elizabeth reigned over England. Queen Elizabeth was the daughter to Henry the VII, and to Anne Boleyn, who was executed almost three years after her birth. Anyway, this lesson should be relatively easy to do, and “drawing a prince” is going to be fun, and exciting. That is all I have for you guys for today, I will be back tomorrow with some more exciting lessons for you all. Peace out and I hope you had a happy drawing day!

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