How to draw a pokeball

Artist: Meowzers / September 7, 2016

Step 1.

So first we are going to be sketching out a nice circle.If you need help then use an item to help you! Also I didn't excactly make it line, I kinda sketched it, but you dont have to do that it just helped me to help you :P

Step 2.

So now we are going to be really adding in some detail...follow my image :PPP JK What the easiest thing to do is to draw a line across (in the circle) and draw a small circle in the middle then rub out the lines inside of the circle.

Step 3.

Now we are moving on to the colouring... Just copy me its easy...seriously guys couLdn't have you of searched on google? XD :P

Step 4.

Thanks for doing this :D

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Artist: Meowzers
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Description: This is just a fun tutorial for anybody!GREAT for friends and family and comics and more... Enjoy! :D