How to Draw a Pixie

Artist: Dawn / February 23, 2009

Step 1.

Ok first we will draw out the basic frame for this pixie girl. The line in the middle is the line of motion. A line of motion is basically a line that defines the direction of the body. I use this method so many times because it’s so helpful. Don't   

Step 2.

Alrighty, in this step we will start to progress to draw more detail of the body. First add the details of the face in that head frame. After, work on the dress as well as the shape of the legs. It is always important to draw the shape of the legs be   

Step 3.

Ok now in this step we will start to draw the rest of the legs as well as the dress. I thought this type of dress would be pretty cute on her. This is typically a five piece dress that you can buy a fashion store. I see them like everywhere. So anywa   

Step 4.

Now we will finish a lot more of the body. The more you finish to the end the easier the drawing will be! So draw the wings. These are wings that you mostly see on dragonflies, flies, bumblebees, and other flying bugs. I used the simple insect type o   

Step 5.

Are you ready to finish off those wings? Drawing the inside details of the wings is really easy! All you need to think about is drawing a leaf. See how a leaf has all those vein things on it? Draw the same vein like membranes into the wings. Next, dr   

Step 6.

This is pretty much the line work of the pixie fairy girl. You can see that I used adobe Photoshop to clean my sketchy work. It took me 30 minutes just to draw this fairy girl. After that I scanned it into Photoshop and made cleaner lines. You can us   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 23, 2009
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Description: Welcome DragoArt members and fans! Today we are going to learn how to draw a really interesting creature of fantasy. I was playing a game called Fable yesterday and it has these fairy creatures in it! So I decided that I’d make a tutorial on how to draw a cute pixie girl step by step. I know that this tutorial will be a breeze to finish. A lot of my work has been a lot of anime, animals, dragons, cars but no fairies or pixies! How could I have a fantasy site without any fantasy looking creatures like a pixie! I know that almost all of my friends play the computer game called World of Warcraft. This also inspired me to make an adorable pixie girl. In my past tutorials I have been using bright and happy settings for the characters or objects to be in. My personal favorite tutorial I made was the Porsche 911. The background was so speedy and perfect for a Porsche car! In this tutorial I am using a cloudy background with pixie dust. Tinkerbell is a pixie too! Imagine my pixie and Tinkerbell hanging out together? What are the differences between a fairy and pixie? A pixie is smaller version of a fairy. Fairies are larger and can be in human forms. They can also shape shift! I remember when I was a kid I wrote a book called Beyond Darkness. It was about a fairy girl who wanted to protect her kingdom from evil. She was a human sized fairy too. I wrote the book when I was twelve years old. To this day it is being sold in stores everywhere! Anyways, I used a basic shading process with this pixie girl. The shading and highlighting is similar to that of cartoons. This tutorial will teach you step by step on how to draw a fairy pixie girl! I hope this helps out! Feel free to leave on comment on this cutie! Peace out everyone!