How to Draw a Parakeet

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Drawing parakeets is a lot easier then drawing any other tropical bird. Start with a round shape for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw a large narrow oval shape for the body and then add the outlined shape for the tail. Lastly dr   


Here you will start sketching out the shape of the head, and then draw the shape of the beak. The beak should look smooshed in or part of the face like it's attached. Start the lining for the front neck and chest, and then draw the tight lines that f   


Here your lining should be thick and bold when you start sketching out the back and the side wing as you see here. The edging of the wing as well as the tip should be thick and bold the most. Next draw the small round eye, and then add more lines alo   


Finish sketching out the wings feather pattern as you see here and make sure the pattern shapes are bold. Sketch out the straight uniform shape of the parakeets tail, and the color it in as well. See how nice your bird drawing is coming out!


For your last drawing step you will sketch out the chest and belly for this bird. Once that is done you will need to draw out the back end as you see here and add some bold coloring. Sketch out the feet, and then draw the pole that it is standing on.   


Now that your done drawing a parakeet, you are ready to color it in. If you choose blue, remember most of the time the heads are yellow in color. I had fun, did you? Join me again for another awesome tutorial lesson!

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February 10, 2010

Description: Birds are beautiful specimens of animals that attract the human ear and eye. The reason why they are so attractive to our ears is because they sing songs that is almost soothing. They are a part of our every morning, and they seem to sleep when we rest our heads on the pillows. There are two very popular birds that a lot of pet stores sell, and I have owned both kinds in the past. The cockatiel, and the parakeet. This tutorial is going to show you a very colorful way to learn "how to draw a parakeet, step by step”. The name of these birds is what they are called in America, but in other countries they are also known as budgerigar, which is also there actual name. The word parakeet is a description of a family of parrot birds that have many groups such as monk parakeets, ringneck parakeets, and Quaker parakeets. There is a much larger number of different species, I just wanted to name a few. These birds are native to Australia, and it was the Aborigines that gave these keets their name. The reason why they make such good pets is because they are very friendly, very playful, and they are also amazingly intelligent. If you train your bird right, you can even teach them to talk, dance, play, and sing songs. The best way to train your birds when you get them, is to feed them from your hand from time to time even if you haven't had them since they where babies. The black wavy lines on their backs is used to camouflage them when they sit in the trees when they are in the wild. They come in all different kinds of colors that are very vivid, bright, and beautiful. My favorite color is blue because they have such remarkable hues. Drawing a parakeet is going to be fun because when you're done, you can choose your own favorite shade to color in your bird with. That does it for this lesson, I will be back in a while so you can draw stuff that is even cooler then this lesson. Adios amigos, and happy drawing. Oh yeah I almost forgot. There is a cool place that has some cool information on these birds as well as links for you to color parakeets, now you can have fun.

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