how to draw a panda

Artist: coolgal1 / July 13, 2012

Step 1.

first draw the nose,head, and mouth. To do this you draw a circle for the head. For the nose, draw an oval shape with two covered circles shaped things. Tip:i used the paint program

Step 2.

Now draw the eyes and ears. To do the eyes, you have to draw a circle,followed by a smaller circle,followed by a smaller circle which includes two small circle.(so many circles!) Next, draw two covered circles with a smaller circle in it.

Step 3.

Next, draw his body. For the body, draw a candy drop thing that would be covered by his head.

Step 4.

Now the legs, draw two triangles connected for the legs and two more smaller candy drops for the feet!

Step 5.

For the arms,kind of an oval shaped thing with a straight edge,then once again another candy gumdrop thing!

Step 6.

if you want to add more detail,i'd draw bamboo!Doing this I would make the shape I'd want.

Step 7.

Next I'd add rectangles to represent the bumps on bamboo and add leaves.

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Artist: coolgal1
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Description: this is my first tut!!!! please love it!