How to Draw a Messy Bun


1. Start with the initial drawing. Make an indent for the eye and make the cheek sort of bulge out. Or don't it is your choice. Also notice how the neck goes all the way down. Try to add that.


2. Now add the ears and the eyelashes. For the ear. Make it like a parentheses with a doodle-bird in it. For the eyelashes make sure not to make them to long or straight. They should be short, curved, and darker where they start.


3. Now draw the hair. The base should be wavy. And you can include that loose hair if you want. But if not then don't.


4. Now draw the bun. It does get cut off in my drawing but you can change that. Also notice how I added beading. I like it. But you can do flowers or just leave it b


5. Now going along with the hair make lines that are very close together. Then use the tip of your finger to blend it all together. After that use your eraser to make the light lines that I did.


6.This step is totally optional but I like it. Use your finger tip to blend the erased areas in. Also add some more loose hair. And draw a shirt.


7. Color and Enjoy! If you have any questions email me at Hope you liked it. If not comment what should change! See you guys next week.

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June 4, 2014

Description: How to draw the popular hairstyle on a girl.

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