How to draw a mermaid


First, your going to draw the frame or "skeleton" of the mermaid. This consists of the head, arms, chest, spine, and tail. Remember to draw lightly because, most of the frame is meant to help draw the rest of the mermaid, and will be erased later.


Now your going to draw the neck, waist, hips and tail by using the guide or "frame". Also start drawing the beginning of the tail fins.


Then outline the arms, breasts, and tail, and start the fingers. Then your going to draw the hair and erase where it goes over her shoulder. On top of her head is a bow that I thought would be cute. I know that in this photo her facial features aren'   


This is just a close-up of the face which has a slightly pointed nose, full lips, and eyes with eyelashes.


Now you need to separate the tail from the rest of the body by giving her a distinctive waist, and outline the breasts to make a top for her, your also going to add lines to the tail while also finishing the fingers.


Then add the shells over the top and finish the tail by drawing what in my opinion look a lot like brackets.


Now all you need to do is outline the drawing with a darker pencil, marker or pen, erase the lines you don't need and your done!!!

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April 24, 2013

Description: Hey guys! this is my first tutorial and I have desided to do it with a mermaid. Mermaids originally came from Greek mythology, haveing the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. In some stories, mermaids are said to drown sailors and cause sea storms, but in others, they are said to be benevolent and fall in love with humans.

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