How to Draw a Hydra, Step by Step

How to Draw a Hydra, Step by Step
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Do the borders of the hydra lightly and the circles on the heads to give a rough knowing of where the eyes are going to be. The hydra's back, as you can see, is a hunchback.


Now do the heads, there is a dip where the chin is and it begins to point. The necks are wide and long.


now do the hunchback, tail, and legs which might take a while.


Now do the faces. This won't take a while like the last step, sorry about that step... (by the way, you can make the eyes of the hydra looking a different way because it is not very important)


Now erase all the borders and it should look like this. We are not done yet...


Now, do the details on the horns and claws and a few scaly bumps on the hydra. Now you are done.

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September 21, 2014

After the fire dragon tutorial, I went through a phase of liking hydras, so I made a tutorial on how to draw a hydra. This is a 3-headed hydra. Would you consider a hydra to be dragon-related? Because I cant really find a category that suits this.

#how to draw hydra
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