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how to draw a easy angle fish

Artist: fitchyash / May 11, 2012
how to draw a easy angle fish

Step 1.

first draw a circle it can be any size

Step 2.

now draw a lowercase m with all the points tuching the fishes body

Step 3.

next draw a triangle on the fishes back this will be the dorsle fin

Step 4.

for this step draw another triangle one the side of the fish as the regular fin

Step 5.

draw a backwards triangle on the back of the fish this is the tail

Step 6.

now you draw a small circle near the top of the fish body this is the eye

Step 7.

now you dont have to put the next step on your fish but if you do you draw two curved lines coming from the bottom of the fish

Step 8.

now color it in shade it in if you want to maybe add some white bubbles

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Artist: fitchyash
Date Added: May 11, 2012
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Description: i used to draw angle fish all the time this one is easy to make and anone can draw it add your own tuch and it will look great