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How to Draw a cute anime girl

Artist: BlakeCrow / July 5, 2014
How to Draw a cute anime girl

Step 1.

Draw a circle, which it will be the beggining of the skull, then trace some measurements lines. It's better to start with the top of the skull to define where the ears,nose, mouth and eyes should be.

Step 2.

After finishing with the head for the moment, at the back end of the skull comes the spine which basically, it's the centre of everything. So it will help you a lot later.

Step 3.

Good, now, separate the neck from the rest of the future body by tracing a line right under the neck, where the cervical spine ends. For the arm, draw and Equilateral Triangle, later you will add the muscles on it.

Step 4.

At the end of the triangle, trace a line to position the ribcage then draw another one above, not to high, just a little bit to see where the sternum should be. This will help you to see how ribs remain unnatached and how lower you should draw the ri   

Step 5.

Now it's time to draw the ribcage. This is not much to explain, since i already explained almost everything at step 4.

Step 6.

Draw another measurement line, where the sacrum bone begins and the Lumbar spine ends to indicate where the hips should be, you can either draw a circle to define the hips, or a "panty" shape, i usually use the panty one.

Step 7.

Now we basically have everything in place, so let's add muscles on the hands to finish them! At the top of the line, draw a circle to indicate where the shoulder should come then beneath that draw on oval, as for the biceps. Now, the forearm should b   

Step 8.

Hands. You have to keep in mind that hand usually look like a sponge with triangles on it. This is the best way to learn it, or at least it worked for me. So draw the shape of a sponge ( blue) then some triangles ( not rough, edgy one, a little bit m   

Step 9.

Now, we can remove the measurements and finish the shape, it's up to you if you want her to have big breasts ( to be visible) or a bit of a tummy. I used the triangle to be sure her legs won't look wrong or weird.

Step 10.

Now, let's concentrate on her face. The ears are usually positioned between nose and eyebrows, but she will have a wide smile, so in this case they will be right at the top of her eyes. By the way, you should know that between the eyes it's the best    

Step 11.

Now her nose and mouth. Here it's only up to you, her features i mean. Mine will be, like i've said, smiling.

Step 12.

Adding her hair... Again, her hairstyle is up to you.

Step 13.

And that's it. You can dress her however you want to and use any drawing/sketching style you want. I usually use the one from the left, the messy one. Well...i hope this was useful, most of the information can be applied on almost everything due to f   

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Artist: BlakeCrow
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