How to draw a Chibi Hippie

Artist: saturdaystar99 / November 5, 2012

Step 1.

First draw a circle for her head with two lines on her forehed to make the hairband base

Step 2.

Next draw a flower on her hairband towards the right hand side. Also draw her eyes, nose and mouth

Step 3.

Next draw her dress and small neck. For the dress try to make the sleaves at the wrist flared out

Step 4.

Now draw the hands and shoes. I have drawn her with four fingers and on the right hand I have drawn her doing a peace sign

Step 5.

Last draw her long wavy hair then colour her in any colours you want!

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Artist: saturdaystar99
Date Added: November 5, 2012
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Description: This is my first tutorial so sorry if its a bit messy. I first submitted this as artwork but I thought it would be cool as a tutorial too. So please enjoy my chibi hippie tutorial!