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how to draw a cat teen

Artist: jubbi76 / November 1, 2012
how to draw a cat teen

Step 1.

create a circle at the top of your page. leave some space for the ears though. attached to that create a curved line with 2 lines going acrossed it for the shoulders and hips. :) (sorry about pic i accidentally skipped a step and could not fix it)

Step 2.

add the ears,face fur, and bangs of the hair. be careful when you draw the nose, don't make it too low or too big. i had some problems too and it is frustrating so hang in there.

Step 3.

now add the body. but sketch lightly because you will add more detail(clothing)later. remember it is best too draw the body figure before clothes because it turns out more proportioned.

Step 4.

you can darken the face and add detail now. the eyes are to have reflections of light in them so don't forget that!

Step 5.

now you can add the shirt and jacket. make the sleeves a little baggy and add a high collar. you can start to draw darker now.

Step 6.

add a skirt and shoes. darken the legs and fists.

Step 7.

erase all the structural lines(in gray) and tidy it up.

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Artist: jubbi76
Date Added: November 1, 2012
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Description: this tut will show you the powers of anime! kinda like a neko girl only with more cat to it. it goes step by step on showing a cat teen being constructed.