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How to draw a Cartoon Head

Artist: Dark_Dragon / December 10, 2008
How to draw a Cartoon Head

Step 1.

Fist draw one oval with another one sticking into it for the eyes.

Step 2.

Next draw the nose with the mouth sticking out of the middle of the nose.

Step 3.

Next draw out the ear straight across from the eyes and the nose.Then draw out the face sstarting with the chin.

Step 4.

Now for the last step draw the teeth and tongue.After that draw out the eyebrows and the hair.If you want you can draw out any details like a body or even fire coming out of its mouth!

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Artist: Dark_Dragon
Date Added: December 10, 2008
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Description: This is my very first tutorial and a very easy one.You will probably get it done in a few minutes.Enjoy!