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How to Draw a Bunkey

Artist: animorpher / October 22, 2008
How to Draw a Bunkey

Step 1.

Start with the basic guidelines.

Step 2.

Now add the ears and tail and feet.

Step 3.

Add the front arms and eye.

Step 4.

OK, now here is the finished sketch. Add a few touches, and your good. Add a background if you want. I hope I did the highlights and shades right. Oh, and erase any lines you don't need. if you need a reference, look at the main picture.

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Artist: animorpher
Date Added: October 22, 2008
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Description: Bunkeys are half rabbit and monkey. I created bunkeys when, I was like, eight. Bunkeys like to eat banapples and cocotables. They like to climb and sleep up in trees and burrow and hibernate during winter. They live in Dinky, a place where every fantasy creature lives, or my fantasy creatures. Anyway, I'll make a Dinky, who also live in Dinky. So, enjoy my tut!