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how to draw a basic fursona

Artist: Lakkysan2 / December 14, 2013
how to draw a basic fursona

Step 1.

first draw a circle

Step 2.

then you make a line for the neck and two circles for the shoulders

Step 3.

then make an oddly shaped oval for the chest, a skirt shape for the hips and two more ovals for the legs

Step 4.

then you make a line connected to the hips and two ears connected to the head

Step 5.

then you draw the arms and eyes

Step 6.

you can now see how the drawing will turn out, so now you only have to draw over the lines you want

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Artist: Lakkysan2
Date Added: December 14, 2013
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Description: I haven't seen that many tutorials on how to make fursonas so here you go. Feel free to use other animal parts for your fursona. PS. my first tutorial