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How to Develop a Steady Drawing Hand

Artist: Jords / January 19, 2009
How to Develop a Steady Drawing Hand

Step 1.

this tutorial is fairly simple, basically draw a ruled line on some paper. Secondly attempt to draw over that line without lifting your pencil off the paper. Try to keep your line as straight as possible and remember to take your time. Only use a rul   

Step 2.

Well Done, now for step 2. This step is basically the same as step one but try to make the ruled line a little thinner than step one. It would be a good idea to not press on the paper so hard, as the harder you press the thicker the line. Does it see   

Step 3.

Well done, I'm sure you didn't find that too difficult. Now repeat what you did in step 2 but use an even thinner line.

Step 4.

I'm guessing that wasn't too difficult, again repeat step 3 but use an even thinner line than before. Is your line getting a little wonky?

Step 5.

Congrats! Final step, again repeat as you have been doing in the previous stages but use the thinnest line possible. Now look back at your work and do you notice something?. The lines get more uneven as the guideline gets thinner? repeating this exer   

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Artist: Jords
Date Added: January 19, 2009
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Description: This tutorial is my first, and its on how to develop a steady hand when drawing straight lines or any given object.