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Hot to draw lips in graphite

Artist: Tim_cardner / March 2, 2013
Hot to draw lips in graphite

Step 1.

Draw the basic shape of lips.

Step 2.

Now draw guidelines on the lips.

Step 3.

Now shade lightly over lips. I know the shape of them is different just ignore it.

Step 4.

Blend with a blending stump. Start shading the top lip more.

Step 5.

Shade the top lip completely.

Step 6.

Now take a needed eraser and erase some in the middle.

Step 7.

Now do the exact same thing to the bottom lip.

Step 8.

Last step. Blend more and create the shadows outside the lips. This is how it should turn out when your done.

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Artist: Tim_cardner
Date Added: March 2, 2013
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Description: How to draw lips easy in graphite.