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Easy and Cute cartoon ghost

Artist: Solemnly_swear / October 17, 2014
Easy and Cute cartoon ghost

Step 1.

Start with a rounded head, without the bottom as shown in the picture(do it in pencil :) )

Step 2.

Continue on with a curved in body, and an either flat, or jagged(like in the picture) bottom.

Step 3.

Erase PART of that beautiful body. Then, fill in the gap with the 'caption continer' you are going to put your message in.

Step 4.

Fill in that spot with your message!

Step 5.

Add hands to hold your message, and a face! I have put some optional faces on the side for you, but you can totally make your own face!

Step 6.

Your done, and left with an adorable Halloween decoration! I hope you enjoyed! ;F

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Artist: Solemnly_swear
Date Added: October 17, 2014
Steps: 6
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Description: This easy and Cute cartoon ghost with a Halloween message will fill your heart with joy! (this is my first Tut so please don't be too hard on me ^°^)