Drawing a Dryad Step by Step


Let us start with the guidelines and one guide shape. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


We will now draw the shape of the Dryad's face structure like so, then draw in the hair which is part of the tree. To make things really pretty, sketch in the flowers on each side of her head.


It's now time to draw in the face. Start with the eyebrows, eyes and then draw the nose and mouth.


Up next, we will sketch in the shape of her neck. When that is done draw the shoulders, breast and shape of her tree formed body.


Now the real fun begins because we will create her entire being in the form of an old tree. Her body is coming out from hiding which is why there trunk and branches are so far apart. Once the branches are drawn in you can add the blooms all over the    


Add more blooms like so, then draw in more branches along the sides off in the distance. Remember, Dryad's are protectors of the forest.


Lastly, you will add the wood grain detailing to the trunk of the tree and to the body of your newly drawn Dryad. Notice how beautiful she turns out. Erase the mistakes and guides when you are done.


Here is the finished drawing. Now you can choose your pallet and color in your Dryad.

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November 25, 2015

Description: Here is another fantasy style lesson that I did because the one I have on the site now is really old and sort of crappy. Today, I will he showing you how to draw a dryad, step by step. These creatures of lore where protectors of the forests. They lived in the tress as they where part of them. I didn't want this new dryad to be lifeless so I drew her coming out from hiding with a bunch of pink blooms scattered around. To me I think drawing a dryad in this style is really nice. Of course you can change the style if you like, it's all up to you. I shall return with more lessons so stay tuned in.

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