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Artist: mittenskarpa / August 14, 2013

Step 1.

First, you are going to want to draw the bigger eye. Then you draw the other eye a little bit smaller. Then you can add in the glare and the pupil. Next, add his pointy eyebrows.

Step 2.

Now, you are going to draw the rest of his face. First, draw the horn and don't forget to make it wavy. Then draw his ear. Now the trickiest part of his face is determining how far down his jaw has to go. Just try your best for now and then later you   

Step 3.

Third step is to make the neck and one of his arms. To make his neck, think of a zebra. Then for his arm, think about a lion's paw. Note that he is made out of a lot of animals.

Step 4.

Note: Arrows just for show Now you are going to draw some of his neck down from his one arm. Then make the wings. Once, you have made the wings, draw a little bit of his neck off the right side and draw his other arm. When drawing the other arm, thi   

Step 5.

Next, what you are going to want to do is draw the rest of his body down to his knees. Then, draw his deer leg and hoof. Then, draw his reptilian leg and connect his body to the leg.

Step 6.

Now all your going to do is draw his tail. The number of spines on his tail is 7. Now all you have to do is color him. Eyes: Red & Yellow Ear: Grey & Pink Face: Grey Mouth: Red Neck: Grey & Black Body: Brown Left Arm: Brown Right Arm: Brown    

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Artist: mittenskarpa
Date Added: August 14, 2013
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Description: Discord is all about CHAOS!!!!!!