Chibi Hedgehog

Artist: Mimzy1060 / April 13, 2012
Chibi Hedgehog

Step 1.

Just draw a circle and then draw a line like so

Step 2.

Make a cross thing so you know where the face will be. Then add the little guideline to know where the spines will be`

Step 3.

Now add the details

Step 4.

Detail the eyes a little

Step 5.

Now just erase the extra guidelines and you are done

Step 6.

Go ahead and color it if you want. I hope you liked this tut.

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Artist: Mimzy1060
Date Added: April 13, 2012
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Description: I couldn't find a tut on how to draw a hedgehog so i thought i would try to make one. I am not very good at coloring but i aim to get better. Hope you like it.