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Anime eyes

Artist: dgadiamond / July 4, 2012
Anime eyes

Step 1.

I recommend to use a HB pencil,Artline black pen,papermate rubber and you can choose which color you will use for the eyes.

Step 2.

This is the base of the eyes. Draw like a slope left and then the other side. Then draw at the bottom a small curved line connecting to the slope.

Step 3.

Now draw 2 lines going down (like a triangle)on the bottom base of the eye. Then the line closer to the slope of the eye draw a little circle.

Step 4.

Now in the middle top of the lines draw 2 curvey lines. You can also (if you want) draw a shape sort of the semi-circle just up top for more detail but i wont use it in this drawing.

Step 5.

Outline the eye as shown and add eyelashes. Also rub out as shown and add another small circle.

Step 6.

Finish coloring the eye and if you want add some extra details.

Step 7.

Please comment also tell me what i should draw next. Thank you here is the picture again

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Artist: dgadiamond
Date Added: July 4, 2012
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Description: i hope u like my my tut!!! This is a anime eye i made myself and sorry if they dont look exactly alike . . . i rushed a little but i hope u like it!!!